I really love to play all saxophones. Baritone in a tight section, tenor together with a nice trumpet player, alto solo’s or lyrical soprano….. I cannot choose ! All gigs are different, every time it’s a challenge to make the best possible sound in a section or play the best possible solo.

I play Selmer soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone, but of course I also collect other types of horns, so I have enough different sounds to record for special occasions.

Because I want to be able to deliver different kinds of sounds I play all kinds of mouthpieces. I use what works best for the gig or the recording. On alto I usually play a Meyer for a jazz or smooth sound and a Dukoff for a more outgoing pop-sound. On tenor I use different Otto-Link types in the studio for a full warm sound, but the live concerts I play on a Dave Guardala MKII because of the more flexible tone-quality and a bigger dynamic range.