Besides teaching I always tried to record as much as possible (you can learn a lot by recording your instrument !) so I started my first recording-studio back in 1997. I especially love to record horns and make horn-arrangements. I’m blessed to have the best Dutch horn-players among my closest friends, so I work with all kinds of horn-sections, perfectly selected for the job. On demand I produce complete horn tracks for a song or album.

In my studio Mufis Recording Studio I record with the latest software, high quality convertors, miscaleneus pre-ams (with or without valves) en many different types of microphones, just what suits the job best. If you need a sax solo or complete horn-section (even uptill BigBand !) on your record, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want to hear former material, please check the audio and video uploads on this website or check WWW.MUFIS.NL