Arranger composer

At the age of 18 I worked with a Rhythm and Blues band (Too hip for the Room) with 5 horn-players were I arranged the horn parts. I really loved to write for this band, so when I started my Conservatory studie I focussed on develloping my arranging skills and made arrangements for a lot of horn sections of different bands. In the past 25 years I transcribed numerous records and made a a lot of horn-arrangements for artists and bands I’ve been working with. One of my favourite arrangements is the horn-arrangement on the Sven Hammond Soul album “The Apple Field” where I arranged the horns for “Smack My Bitch Up” an original from The Prodigy, completely changed in a different song. We recorded only 3 horns (trumpet, tenor and barisax) but it sounds BIG. You can listen to the complete track at the discography page.

Besides arranging I also compose songs, mostly by order, sometimes because I have a tune in my head that really needs to be written down and recorded…..

If you need a horn arrangement or a brand new song for your project, please contact me.